Michel Lalet et Laurent Lévi vous souhaitent la bienvenue sur abalone-game.com, le site officiel du jeu abalone.


With close to seven million copies of the famous board game sold around the world, Abalone is officially coming to iOS and Android devices! Sppa4apps and Cazap have teamed up with the game's creators Laurent Lévi and Michel Lalet to develop a smartphone and tablet version of Abalone that will appeal to the wannabe strategist in you.

Take the famous black and white marbles wherever you go and play against the game's artificial intelligence or a friend on the same device. Put your thinking cap on, weigh up your options and make your move.

Use your strategy to drive your opponent into a corner:

Abalone is a board game that only takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. Be the first to push six of your opponent's marbles off the edge of the board to win. Move one, two or three of your marbles with an in-line or broadside move: if your line has more marbles than your opponent, you can push his or her marbles off the edge of the board. Keep a close eye on your positions!

The iOS and Android version of Abalone features around 60 challenges designed by the game's creators that become progressively more difficult, with realistic sound effects, over 30 game variations and the option for expert players to create their own boards. Whether going solo or playing against a friend on the same device, take on the Abalone challenge!

"We were both proud and delighted to lend our support to the project and take part in the development of the Abalone app. The app perfectly captures the spirit of the board game, with its simple learning curve, its non-age-specific design and the endless fun that comes from playing with others."
Michel Lalet - Laurent Lévi

Play alone or with a friend:
In addition to playing the challenge mode against the game's highly developed artificial intelligence, you can also play Abalone in multiplayer mode with your friends. Move your marbles together on the same phone or tablet.

Reckon you have got what it takes to become a champion?
Take a crack at the freeplay mode and pit your wits against over 30 official competition variations, including the Swiss daisy, the Alien and the Fujiyama… And if that fails to satisfy your appetite for crazy challenges, create your own boards with the level editor.